A few of my regulars are huge truck fans and have been requesting a truck storytime for a while so I decided today was the day to make it happpen. I am a big fan of Jez Alborough. His rhyming stories are always a fun addition to any storytime. This week, I started with his book,Duck in the TruckThe kids loved this quirky story about Duck and his friends Frog, Sheep and Goat who go to great lengths to remove Duck’s truck from the muck. This book proved to be a great way to start out storytime. It is a fantastic attention grabber and very silly story.

Next we read about my favorite kind of truck, an ice cream truck in Isaac the Ice Cream Truck by Scott Santoro.This is a sweet story about an ice cream truck who doesn’t feel like he is as important as all of the other trucks. However, he realizes that bringing people happiness is just as important if not more important than the jobs of the other trucks. The kids, especially the truck lovers, had a fun time identifying each of the different kinds of trucks. This is an older book and isn’t in print anymore. I interlibrary loaned it and liked reading it so much that I wanted to order it for our library. Unfortunately, it is out of print.
We finished up with Matthew’s Truck by Katherine Ayres and illustrated by Hideko Takahashi.Matthew's Truck

This book appealed to the younger kids in the group and was probably a bit too easy for the older kids. Luckily, because it isn’t too long, it didn’t cause much of an issue. It was a nice quick way to end before craft time.
This week’s craft was really fun, we made dump trucks! The template for this craft can be found here: This website has a lot of great craft ideas. The group that comes to storytime has quite an age range, between 2 and 7 years old, which makes planning a storytime and craft suitable for everybody really difficult. It has to be easy enough for the younger kids and fun enough to keep the older kid’s attention. This craft seemed to be a good compromise. While the little ones needed a bit of help from their parents for this craft in the assembly, everyone had a great time!


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