Pajama Storytime

Many of our regulars are not able to come to our regularly scheduled storytime during the day because of school. So we have decided to try something a little different this fall and have an evening pajama storytime. The idea is the kids can come in with their pj’s and stuffed animals and enjoy a storytime right before bed. Of course, they don’t have to wear the pj’s however it is very cute when they do!

Since this was our first week, I decided it would be best to have a to have a bedtime theme and read stories all about going to bed. There are so many awesome picture books on this theme, I am sure that I will be able to do in the future with completely different books.

The first book we read is one of my favorite picture books, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teauge.

This book is always a crowd pleaser. I have found it to work well for multiple age groups. The older kids enjoyed looking for the hidden dinosaur name on each page and the younger kids liked practicing their roars and discussing how they are good dinosaurs when they go to bed.
After that, we read Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman.

I have always loved this quick bedtime book. The kids enjoyed saying good night to all of the animals and got a kick out of that silly gorilla.

Next we read Good Night Dora by Christine Ricci.
It was no surprise that this book went over really well with the kids. Dora is extremely popular so I knew that this book would be a exciting addition to pajama storytime. This is a lift the flap book an also has a bit of Spanish in it. My Spanish skills are pathetically poor so I had to rely on the kids to help me with the pronunciation. I think they really enjoyed that.

Next we read Molly Bang’s Ten, Nine, Eight.
I think that the parents enjoyed this book a bit more than the kids. Even so, I have always found this book to be a good way to calm a group down and after the Dora book, that is exactly what we needed.

Finally, we read Papa Please Get the Moon For Me by Eric Carle.
I love this book and it was a lot of fun for the kids. Eric Carle is one of my favorite illustrators. His books are a lot of fun to use in storytime because they always stretch the young one’s imaginations In this book, it is the pull out pages that make it extra fun. No one could believe how long the ladder the ladder Monica’s father used was! This book was a fantastic way to finish our first pajama storytime!

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