I’m Hungry!

This week’s storytime was all about one of my favorite topics: food! There are so many awesome books on this topic it was hard to choose just a few. I am sure that I will be revisiting this theme in the weeks and months to come

We started with Sausages by Jessica Souhami.
I will admit that I chose this book initially because I liked the cover. However, as it turns out not only does it have an appealing cover but it is a really fun story. This book is a retelling of an old folk tale. It is about about a husband and wife who get three wishes from a magic elf. The husband mistakenly wishes for sausages and in her annoyance at his wasting of a wish his wife wishes that it they get stuck to his nose. So they are left with only one wish left and must use to it get the sausages off his nose. The kids really liked this book and agreed that it was ok to use the final wish to get the sausages off of his nose. We had a big discussion about what we would wish for. Not surprisingly everyone wanted to be rich and no one wanted sausages.

After that we read Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Cordce.

I was first introduced to this book by the boys that I babysit and feel in love with Little Pea. It is the super cute story of a little pea who does not want to eat his dinner- candy! Of course all of the kids decided that they would like to be little peas and eat candy for dinner. There were only a few, like myself who found his dessert, spinach appetizing.

Next we read Today is Monday by Eric Carle.It seems difficult for me to do a storytime with out a book by Eric Carle, I like him that much! This is really great for storytime for younger children. I like to use this book to help teach the days of the week. For a little extra fun we made the animal noises for the animals.

Then we read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and illustrations by Crockett Johnson.

I have always liked this book and today it was fun because a few of the kids had read this book before so they got excited about knowing the end ahead of time.

Finally we read Round as a Pancake by Joan Sullivan Baranski illustrated by Yu-Mei Han.
I had never read this book for a storytime before and was plesantly surprised about how great it worked! It had a really fun and fairly simple rhyme. So, it was lots of fun for the kids to hear as well as to anticipate.

For the craft this week we made some bananas with funny faces. The free downloadable templates can be found here: http://www.makingfriends.com/preschool/fruit_faces.htm
I forgot to take a picture so you will have to use your imaginations!

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