This week I started a brand new nursery rhyme program in my library. I got the idea from one of my classmates in my library school classes. For one of our assignments, we had to think of a program for children or young adults that we could implement in our library. This was one of my favorite assignments for the class because I was able to hear all of the great ideas from my peers.

This is going to be a monthly program for the youngest of our patrons. My reasoning for this program is two fold: I have found that many of the children who use my library are not familiar with nursery rhymes and we have need for new programs geared for pre-school age children. Additionally, nursery rhymes are a great way to impact and support early literacy and I think that a lot of our kids can benefit from this.

We did a lot of things during this program but most importantly, I made my own flannel board…. which is really the reason for this post. Normally, I am not so egotistical and would post a blog all about a flannel board that made, but I am very proud of it. It took much longer to make than anticipated.


Had a great fall

Storytime starts up again January 27 and I am currently in the planning stages. I can’t wait to share what we do!

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