I was a bit anxious about this week’s theme but we ended up having a fantastic time at storytime!!

We started with What Pet To Get? by Emma Dodd.What Pet To Get?

I think this is just one of those books that begs to be read aloud in storytime. A little boy and his mother discuss what pet they should get and come up with some pretty crazy ideas such as an elephant, a shark and a tyrannosaurus rex! The kids really loved this book and it was a great way to start out.

Next we read A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohman.A Kitten TaleI absolutely adore this book. I used it in my Nursery Rhyme Time program and could not wait to use this week. Four kittens are waiting for it to snow and three are nervous but one can’t wait. It has been snowy here for a long time so it was fun to ask the children how they felt about snow. Most of them felt the same way I feel, they are ready for this snow to be gone!

We followed up A Kitten Tale with Ginger Finds A Home by Charlotte Voake.

Ginger Finds A Home

This is another great book about a kitten (can you tell what kind of pet I have?) who is homeless but a kind little girl feeds him and gives him a new home and a special name, Ginger. I was surprised about how well this book in storytime. The pictures are a bit space however, the text is large and I think the children enjoyed looking at the words .

Finally, we finished with Hooray For Fish by Lucy Cousins.

Hooray For Fish

This book is one of my all time favorites for storytime. Both toddlers and preschoolers really enjoys Cousins’ bright and colorful illustrations. There is a double page spread of many fish and the children always love to count all of the fish. This book was a great lead into the craft we did this week which was a fish bowl.


I have to say this was, by far, the most successful craft I have ever done. The initial workload was sort of time consuming, I cut out each of the fish individually. But it was worth it because the kids had a blast gluing them onto their fishbowls. In fact, barely anyone touched the crayons, they all just glued and glued and glued. When it doubt, plenty of quality time with a glue stick is all that’s needed for a super fun craft time.

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