Ribbit! Ribbit!

In storytime this week we read all about frogs! I think the best thing about this theme is the fact that it motivates large groups of preschoolers to RIBBIT with huge amounts of enthusiasm.

We started this week with I Took My Frog to the Library by Eric A. Kimmel, pictures by Blanche Sims.frog-to-the-library1As a librarian, I love books about libraries. Luckily the kids shared my excitement and loved this one too! It’s about a girl who brings her many exotic pets the library and the silly results. We had a funny discussion about what would happen if we brought our pets to the library.

Next we read The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog by Ana Larranga.big-wide-mouthed-frogI really love this book. In my storytelling class, one of my peers told this story and I fell in love with it. The Frog has attitude and due to the repetitive nature of the story, before too long the children were chanting along with me. I would read this one again and again and I don’t think it could ever get old.

We finished with Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan Landon, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.froggygetsdressedThis book is perfect for storytime. I think it might be the best of the Froggy books to share with a large group of kids. I love the process of Froggy getting dressed, it makes for a great action oriented telling. However, nothing beats the hilarious surprise of Froggy forgetting his underwear. The kids picked up on the fact that he for got his coat and pats but no one guessed he forgot underwear. Very funny!

We made Heart Frog Paper Crafts this week.frog2good

The link for this craft is here: http://www.dltk-holidays.com/valentines/mheartfrog.htm

I have been trying to find really easy crafts that involve just a bit of gluing and coloring because we have been getting large groups from daycares in storytime and there usually are not enough adults to really help out with complex crafts. This craft worked really well. I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the frogs the kids made because they were very awesome.

One thought on “Ribbit! Ribbit!

  1. Sarah: You do such a great job. I love reading this blog because I feel like I am right there at storytime with you — isn’t it funny to think that some of the kids could read this archived blog someday and be brought back to great memories?

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