On The Move

For storytime this week we were on the move! Each of our books were about being on the go and moving about. This was a fun theme to choose books for because it’s actually rather broad.  The kids had fun too because I threw in fingerplays with a lot of movement.

The first book we read was Duck On A Bike by David Shannon.

Duck On A BikeThis is a super silly and fun book all about a duck who rides around the farm on his bike.  It was a good choice as an opener because it’s just funny enough to keep them on their toes. This book opened up to a nice discussion about whether or not we could ride bikes. I know that some librarians shy away from group discussions but I feel that if they have something to say, I will let them say it. Sometimes it can be hard to control, but usually saying something like “Raise your hand if you want to sing a super silly song!” gets them back on track.

The next book we read was Freight Train by Donald Crews.

Freight TrainI love this book and so did the children. Trains are an especially popular topic with this age group so it was no surprise that they had fun with this book. Crews illustrations are so wonderful, so I decided to use a big book to give everyone a larger view of them.

Next we read Sputter, Sputter, Sputby Babs Bell, illustrated by Bob Staake.

Sputter Sputter SputThis book has a fairly simple concept, a man fills his car up with gas, runs out of gas and then fills it up again to “sputter, sputter,  sput” all over. To be honest, I thought it would be a bigger hit with the children. It has all sorts of great words like sputter and glug, which I thought would keep them entertained. Maybe my reading was a bit off because the group got a bit antsy during this book. I think next time I would try it with a slightly younger crowd. It also would make a great lapsit for some one-on-one sharing.

Finally, we finished with Sheep In a Jeep by Nancy Shaw, illustrated by Margot Apple.

sheep in a jeep

Sheep In A Jeep was a fun way to end storytime this week. It has lots of great rhyming words, which the children enjoyed saying with me.

For Craft this week, we made stop light necklaces.

stoplight necklace 2

This was a great craft. Very easy to prepare and fun for the kids. It’s simple enough that they really had a sense of accomplishment when they completed it. Initially, it was going to be regular, old stop lights and I decided to make it a necklace because the kids all look so cute leaving the program room wearing something.

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