This week’s theme was a bit of a fall theme. And what says fall more so than a lovely, ripe, red apple? The craft was all about apples and we did a short fingerplay about apples as well so that’s where the theme came into play. The books, however, were more about fall. They were perfect for this week since the temperature dropped and it really feels like fall.

First we read Run,Jump, Whiz, Splash by Vera Rosenberry.

Run Jump Whiz Splash

This book is all about the seasons. It follows two children as they run, jump whiz and splash through the year.

Next we read Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson.bear feels sick

Wilson’s books about Bear and his forest friends are so cute.  In this one, Bear get sick and all of his friends help him feel better. When we finished, we had a nice discussion about who helps us when we get sick. One little boy commented that his little sister was getting sick, of course he is being a good brother and making sure to help her out (very cute!)

Finally we finished with The Long Nosed Pig by Keith Faulkner.

long nosed pigOk, ok, this had nothing to do with fall. It’s just really fun. Faulkner does great pop-up books and ti was a great way to bring the group back together and pull them in for one final story.

For the craft this week, we put apples on trees.

apple tree

The kids put the apples on the tree with some cool sponge applicators called Do-A-Dot Art. It was lots of fun and very easy. I put out the red, green and yellow do-a-dots and let the kids go crazy. I wish I could take pictures during the program to show how creative they kids are, but we are too busy. Maybe I will be able to do it next week.


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