For storytime this week, we learned all about pumpkins!

The first book we read was Apples and Pumpkins  by Anne Rockwell, pictures by Lizzy Rockwell.

apples_pumpkinsThis was a fun book to start with because it sort of piggy-backed off of last week’s apple theme. It’s a cute story with great illustrations and led to a nice discussion about visiting pumpkin patches.

Next we read It’s Pumpkin Time!  by Denise Fleming, illustrated by Shari Halpern.

its pumpkin time

This book is also about a pumpkin patch. In the story, the children tend their own pumpkins in anticipation for the jack-o-lanterns they will create. I had hoped to only read books about pumpkins and not get too much into Halloween since it is a few weeks away. I found this almost impossible when choosing books because most of them did deal with Halloween in some way or another.

The final book we read was Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.

pumpkin soupThis is a very sweet story about three friends who make pumpkin soup together. I enjoyed reading this book because it had nothing to do with Halloween and had a nice message about friendship. Additionally, I love this time of year because of all of the yummy things that can be made with pumpkin- including pumpkin soup!

For the craft this week, we made our own jack-o-lanterns with pumpkin cut out and basic shapes. Each child was given a few of each shape and asked to create their own face.

These are my examples. pumpkins

But you can see that the kids got creative and made their own faces:



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