This week’s storytime was all about leaves. It’s gotten cold and the leaves are finally starting to turn, so it was a fitting theme.

First we read Fall is Not Easy  by Marty Kelley.

fall is not easyThis was good to start with because it discussed the seasons and what happens to the leaves each season. It was a good transition into our next activitiy. Out of felt, we had a barren tree and each child was given a different color leaf to add to the tree. It was simple and easy but also lots of fun for the kids.

Next we read Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber, illustrated Leslie Evans.

Leaf_JumpersThis is a fun story about the different color leaves that make up a pile of leaves. Of course, everyone in storytime had lots of experience with jumping into leaves.

Finally, we finished with Leaves  by David Ezra Stein.

LeavesI think this is a such a sweet book, I have definitley read it for storytime before. It is the prefect thing for fall. A tree loses its leaves and a bear tries to put all of the leaves back on but eventually he gets sleepy and goes to sleep.

For the craft, we made wreathes with leaves on them.

wreathThis craft worked much better than last year’s leaves craft. Every 3-5 year old loves gluing and the parents liked the finished product.

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