Yummy Halloween

This week’s theme was really a cross between two things: food and Halloween. What happened is I planned this way back in August and somehow forgot about Halloween. I know, I know! How could that have happened??  So, I decided to scratch a few of the food books I had planned and inserted some Halloween books. It worked out all right, no one really cared or noticed.

First we read On Halloween by Lark Carrier.

on halloweenThis was a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed it because there is a lot of opportunity for audience participation.

Next we read Charlie Chick by Nick Denchfield and Ant Parker.

Charlie ChickI think this is one of my favorite books for storytime. It’s short and sweet and lots of fun. It’s a pop-up book, which is always a crowd pleaser. I have also found that it’s a great way to get everyone back on track if we get a bit rowdy.

After that, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Pop-UpIn our storytime collection we have the pop-up version of this classic. Reading this version gives it a whole new dimension. It’s a really well done pop-up book and just makes Carle’s illustrations even more beautiful.

Finally, we finished with Eerie Feary Feeling by Joy Hulme.

Eerie Feary FeelingThis was also a pop-up book. Maybe the theme was actually pop-up books this week? Ha! It was no surprise that this was also a crowd pleaser. And a great finish.

For craft, we made doorhangers and drew our favorite food. I was so impressed with the parents of my city. They must really feed their children healthy food. While everyone said that they like pizza and cookies and candy. There were lots of healthy foods such as nuts, cucumber, watermelon, apple and pasta.

For mine, I chose pizza, but mostly because it’s sort of easy to draw. My REAL favorite food is cupcakes.

doorhanger 002

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