This week in storytime we read some really fun books about kangaroos.

We started with Kangaroo Christine by Guido van Genechten.

This book is about a kangaroo named Christine who does not want to hop on her own. However, she makes a new friend and quickly realizes how much fun it is. This book was a great segue into us doing a little hopping of our own.

Next we read Where Are You Blue Kangaroo? by Emma Chichester Clark.

Lilly keeps losing her stuffed kangaroo, which makes the kangaroo very uneasy. I love reading books like this because the children always like to point out how the character has made a mistake- something they would never do!

That’s about it for books this week. We did do some hopping games. In one, each child was given a felt kangaroo and they had to hop around a table. We also practiced hopping on one foot.

Our craft this week came from one of my favorite craft sites, DLTK. We made our own kangaroos!

This is the one that I made, but I think that two made by some of the girls in storytime are much more awesome:

These girls told me that their kangaroos were best friends!

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