First, a bit of honesty. I am writing this post a week late. Usually I try to write them just after storytime so that way they are fresh and I remember everything. Last week, however that didn’t happen. I got busy and when I came to update with this week’s storytime, I realized I forgot the Valentine Storytime! So this post may not be as fantastic as other posts- I’m sorry.

First we read I Kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy.

There aren’t a whole lot of Valentine theme books that I really like to use for storytime. I feel like some of them are just too much for little kids. So instead I tried to focus on books about love and happiness. A lot of the kids that come to storytime have younger siblings so we were able to talk about the babies in their lives.

Next we read You Are My I Love You by Maryann Cusimano, illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa.

To be honest, this book went all right. I think it would work better as a lapsit and is definitely geared more for parents ( I could tell the parents in the room really liked it.) But when read to a group, it just didn’t hold their attention.

Finally, we finished with Love Bugs by David Carter.

Ok, so I guess I did use one sort of Valentine-y book. BUT since it is a pop-up book, it is awesome.

For craft this week, we made valentines. It’s an obvious craft, but they all really liked it. It was impressive how many kids knew exactly who they were making their cards for. I made lots of hearts with the dye-cut machine and gave them to the kids with extra large cards and crayons and they went crazy.

One thought on “Valentines!

  1. Very cute, Sarah. And I agree — Valentine’s Day books are always for preschoolers/kindergarteners. Too advanced for a general storytime.

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