Storytime Contenders IV

Storytime starts again next week! In preparation, I have been looking through lots of picture books to get some inspiration. We just got in a lot of new books and some of theme are so great, I have to share!

Contender Title: Up and Down
Author: Oliver Jeffers 
Publisher/Year: Philomel Books/ 2010
ISBN: 9780399255458                                         
Storytime appeal: This is a great story about a boy and his penguin friend. I picked it up because of the penguin on the cover- I really like penguins in picture books. I think there need to be more! The penguin decides he wants to fly and the rest of the book is about this mission. I think it’s a great story with great illustrations that would be lots of fun to read aloud.
Possible themes: Penguins for very obvious reasons. It’s also a great book about friendship so this would work in a friendship theme as well.

Contender Title: Lots of Dots 
Author: Craig Razier
Publisher/Year: Chronicle Books / 2010
ISBN: 9780811877152
Storytime appeal: Some books are just made for storytime. The message of this book is simple, there are lots of dots! I have found myself on more than one occasion having conversations with preschoolers about issues such as dots. This book’s eye-catching colors rhyming text make it a joy to read aloud. This is just one of those books that is perfect for sharing! Additionally, I can also think of tons of craft ideas off the top of my head. That is really appealing because thinking of great crafts is not my strong suit.
Possible themes: This is a very colorful book so I could see using it with a color theme. I also think it could work with shapes as well.

Contender Title: Little White Rabbit
Author: Kevin Henkes
Publisher/Year: Greenwillow Books/ 2011
ISBN: 9780062006424                                         
Storytime appeal: I will be honest, I really love Kevin Henkes’ books. I think every librarian has a list of authors whose work they always look forward to and he is definitely on my list. I have never been disappointed in anything he’s ever made and his Caldecott winner, Kitten’s First Full Moon, is one of my favorite Caldecott winners- ever. His illustrations are beautiful and they always work well in storytime. There is something so calming and nice about his writing that always adds something special.
Possible themes: Rabbits are an obvious choice. The colors of this book just look so much like spring I think it would be perfect in a spring theme.

5 thoughts on “Storytime Contenders IV

  1. Man, I totally understand the Penguin thing, though personally I think there should be more goats in picture books. We did a penguin and polar bear storytime a couple of weeks ago (they select the themes centrally and send out kits) and I noticed that they are putting more and more penguins out there. I just did penguins, cause polar bears are mean and live on the other side of the planet from penguins, but it was a lot of fun. We walked like penguins and they carried their egg shakers on their feet as they danced.

  2. I read “Lots of Dots” for storytime two weeks ago – it was a big hit, even with the older kids (7 & 8) – fun to read out loud!

  3. I also cannot explain the allure of penguins in picture books but alas I still love them. Also, any of Kevin Henkes books are destined to end up in my book bag. Check out one of my reviews of a penguin book on my new “baby” blog. Cheers and thanks for posting.

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