Book Bundles

Recently, a co-worker of mine read an article about book bundles in VOYA magazine and implemented it in our library. The idea is to create groupings of books and other materials on a singular theme in order to help patrons find new titles on topics that interest them. She has been doing this with our Young Adult Fiction section for a few months and had great success. As a result, we have decided to expand book bundles to our picture books. Other libraries in our area have also been doing these bundles and calling them Literacy Bundles.  

I am very excited about this! It’s very common to be asked to find books on specific topics at the reference desk. We won’t be rolling this out until the summer, so there is plenty of time to think of topics for the Bundles. Why am I mentioning this here? Well, it’s a bit like storytime, isn’t it? Gathering books and materials on a theme to share with patrons. I’ve been brainstorming ideas and so far come up with these:

  • gardens
  • jungle
  • shapes
  • counting
  • dinosaurs
  • things with wheels
  • best friends
  • fairy tales
  • folktales
  • princesses
  • family
  • sea animals
  • the beach
  • seasons

What about you? What do you think are the must include themes for our book bundles?


8 thoughts on “Book Bundles

  1. Here I’d have trains as its own category, cause they are that popular. Also pets, potty training, penguins, bedtime. I think bundles could be any theme you have storytime on. At our main branch, they got a grant to do literacy kits, which have books, a game, a parenting book, and an instruction list in a little backpack that can check out, all on a theme. They have different colors for different levels and have them in English and Spanish. Parents like them, but things are always returning with the wrong things inside.

  2. Ooh. How do these work exactly? Are they shelved separately from the rest of the books? Do patrons check them all out as a group? Do they come with anything else (puzzles or games or something)?

    • I think they can work however it would work best for your library. We are going to shelve them near the picture books so they are accessible to patrons who are looking in that area.Some places will put other items with them and I think to begin with, we may include CDs.

  3. We’ve been doing these at my library since the fall and parents love them. Some of our topics include: ABCs, Bathtime, Books for Babies, Bears, Bugs, Colors, Farm, Favorite Authors, Sports, and Zoo.

  4. at my library we have these in sturdy tote bags and maybe it’s just because we’re a Canadian library, but Hockey is a huge hit here too 🙂 We also have some ‘issue’ book bags like bullying, feelings, etc.

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