Let’s go to the zoo!

We had so much fun during last week’s storytime when we went to the farm, so this week we took a trip to the zoo! I love zoo/jungle themes because there is an endless amount of books that fit this them and the crafts are always really fun.

We started with the book Beautiful Bananas by Elizabeth Laird illustrated by Liz Pichon.

This is a very sweet story about a girl who is trying to take her grandfather a gift of bananas but the animals of the jungle keep messing up her plans. I enjoy reading this book in storytime because it is fun for the kids to discuss the animals however it is a bit long so I usually start with it when their attention spans are at their longest.

Next we read Sam Who Never Forgets by Eve Rice.

The kids liked this book a lot, more than I expected. I think it is because of the elephant that is featured in the story, they all seem to really like elephants. This book lead a to a nice discussion about zoo keepers and what they do.
After that we read Whose Nose and Toes by John Butler.This book is awesome! I love, love, love reading it in storytime. The children always have a great time guessing which animal each set of nose and toes belong to. This sort of thing never gets old in storytime.

The final book we read was The Giraffe Who Cock-A-Doodle-Doo’d by Keith Faulkner illustrated by Jonathan Lambert.

This book is a great way to end. It is lots of fun and as an added bonus is a pop-up book.

For our craft this week we made paper bag puppets. We have a lot of paper bags in our craft closet so I decided to use them to create fun puppets.I am not sure if there is anything cuter than a 3 year old running around making his paper bag puppet lion roar at other paper bag puppets.
Here is a link to the template for this craft:

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