Storytime contenders II

Storytime contenders are books that I come across and think would be great for storytime, I just haven’t found the right place for them yet! I try to only feature books published within the past twelve months and only discuss those I would want to use in a storytime (only positive thoughts here!)

Contender Title: Where Is Tippy Toes? Author: Betsy Lewin
Publisher/Year: Atheneum/ 2010
ISBN: 9781416938088
Storytime appeal: This book was made for storytime. Tippy Toes is a sneaky, orange cat and this book follows it through its life.  It has easy, quick rhythms that are lots of fun to read a loud. The illustrations done by Betsy Lewin (the illustrator of Click Clack Moo) are big and bold with bright, vivid colors. The best part is the cut-out pages that reveal where Tippy Toes loves to hide. This alone makes it a great choice for storytime. It will definitely pull in a group’s attention.
Possible themes: A cat or kitten storytime is the obvious choice. I also think it could work well in a spring storytime or even a bedtime storytime (that’s where Tippy Toes ends up at the end of the night!)

Contender Title: Lola Loves Stories
Author: Anna McQuinn
Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw           
Publisher/Year: Charlesbridge Publishing/ 2010
ISBN: 9781580892582
Storytime appeal: This is the second book about Lola, a little girl who loves libraries. In this book, Lola visits the library with her Daddy easy Saturday and then spends the rest of the week reading the books and using her imagination to have lots of fun and adventures. This book would work well for kids Lola’s age- preschoolers.
Possible themes: Books and or/libraries (what librarian doesn’t like doing a library themed storytime?!) I think you could also use this with a more abstract theme like imagination.


2 thoughts on “Storytime contenders II

  1. I’ve been wanting to use Tippy Toes since I saw it a few months ago. In January, I’m thinking I’ll use it in a “Lost and Found” storytime, maybe with Butterfly, Butterfly, by Petr Horacek, a “What’s Missing” flannelboard set, and something else. I’ll have to check out Lola Loves Stories!

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